Mosaic Festival - Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2023


A local artist from San Jose, California, he is a professor, gallery owner, cat and chicken wrangler, muralist, and cyclorilla painter. Being well versed in all mediums, from graphite to aerosol, Sean demonstrates a unique illustrative perspective of his imagination, dangling somewhere between sci-fi comic books and renderings of his every-day nostalgia.


A San Jose-based artist who deems himself a painter with an affinity for film and digital photography, his work encapsulates memories and enhances characters, either through his use of color or body placement and composition. Miguel strikes the viewer with a moment of sonder, raising the curtain on each individual's life and adding their epic vision to a more universal grand design that makes up the human experience.


Julie Meridian, a San Jose-based artist, primarily works in richly layered acrylic with forays into watercolors, ink, and charcoal. Julie Meridian captures the essence of people and places through representational art that reveals impressionist details. Her art often highlights moments of contemplation and peaceful solitude. Natural and unassuming poses create a pervasive sense of being truly present. This solemn eye for truth is brightened with glimmers of gentle optimism.


Kimberly Navarrete, an artist born and raised in San Jose, California, is focused on creating work that represents her as well as the community she grew up in. The use of color and various subject matters tie into her personal approach to creating a representational work of her experiences and traditions. Her inspiration for creating work comes from any daily life experience or personal past experiences or memories that have had an impact on her. Overall, she is following her passion for the fine arts.


Akeem Raheem is a Bay Area native and graffiti artist with ties to Detroit, Michigan. From spray painting graffiti art on walls to creating graffiti-inspired art on canvas, Akeem's style and humor translate well into his art and life. Growing up immersed in American urban culture and an avid fan of hip-hop music and art, he began drawing in sketchbooks and doing graffiti art around the Bay Area with friends and fellow artists. Art for art's sake is the spirit that keeps him creating. His artwork is meant to be fun and bright in a world full of solemn and serious surroundings—fabricating a unique quirkiness to his art to inspire creativity and joy.


This Retired Cowboy, originally from San Francisco and now based in Sunnyvale, is known for his illustration work made up of ink, acrylic, and aerosol. RC depicts an assemblage of shapes, textures, and disproportioned limbs, telling a story for the viewer to decipher. His work is often monochrome, demonstrating the duality in the artist's life and mind, but his details say more than color ever could—his style is antique, classic, and genius.