Self-Love in Watercolor

Workshop Description:Harvest Moon is representative to harvesting the seeds that we’ve planted in our lives this year. All the work that we’ve put into our jobs, passions, our personal lives, projects that we’ve worked towards completing, is finally paying off. During this class, I invite students to express what this year brought for them and the challenges that they overcame with abstract watercolor. Utilizing colors that are representative of emotions, shapes that represent growth, as well as using the garden and inspiration photos that I will provide as reference.

I am a 24 year old Chinese American self taught artist from San Francisco. My love for art began as a child, and I’ve used art to help me grow as a person. Part of my art style is paying homage to my own heritage, and also homage to other heritages that I grew up around in San Francisco. My goal is to build bridges between communities through storytelling within my art.