Khalilah Ramirez

Khalilah Ramirez is a performance artist, author and educator located in the Bay Area. Her original performance art, The Dance of Peace, has evolved into two books, a college course as well as an uplifting form of self expression for the entire community. Khalilah is known as “The Peace Dancer” because her performance art engages all participants on the level of love, harmony, and healing. She has continued this work in multiple cities, states and countries for over a decade through her dedication to teaching dance & movement arts professionally to all ages. Khalilah specializes in making dance joyful and accessible for everyone using the following tenets:

  • Movement As Our Medicine
  • The Power of Play
  • The Magic of Music

When not busy writing or performing on stage, Khalilah serves the community by managing her own online education company which is focused on teaching principles of peace and prosperity.

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