Eco Elegies – A Multisensory Performance Ritual for Community

Workshop Description: With diversity as a centering principle, Eco Elegies explores DE’s emerging concept of “mixed-icism” as a template for relation-building and adaptation in the age of climate crisis.

“What are the ancient waters that flow between us? Can we continue to experience reciprocity by giving and receiving breath? What is the biodiversity of the soil we root in? What are the blossoms we offer up to the sun?

We find love and understanding of these eco-systemic multiverses in elegiac fullness of grief, sorrow, loss, fear, anger and desire for transformation, hope, and renewal – to become liberated by embracing the interactive purpose and connection of every life form including the fullness of humanity within this sacred cosmos.” – Choreographer Rulan Tangen

Dancing Earth is proud to feature our Bay Area company dancers Emma Quan Dewey, Ronice Stratton, & Taraneh Sarrafzadeh at Mosaic Festival — an intercultural cast of BIPOC dancers who carry mixed identities (such as ancestry, cultural experiences, languages, gender and more). As they present a multi-sensory immersive performance ritual that invites each person to sense themselves as apart of the Whole, with compassion for all of Life and our place in this sacred ecosystem.

Dancing Earth