Community Intuitive Reading for Healing Integration

Workshop Description: ​​During our time together i will intend to channel intuitively-guided messages using tarot and oracle cards, that may bring guidance, affirmation, clearing directed to the assistants, there will be a mini guided meditation and integrative Platica to close up.

Is a heart-centered mujer in service, whose intention is to support others to navigate spiritually, emotionally, mentally, energetically and soon physically through the process of healing integration into they’re own rebirths, like a Dead or Birth doula but for the continued deaths of self we experience in life, she combines her training as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, advance Angelic Reiki practitioner, Crystal healing, reclaimed Ancestral wisdom and “self”(spirit guided) taught Intuitive Tarot and Oracle reading, meditation guidance and psychic skills that she have acquired through life long experiences of pain and love.