Mosaic America Festival 2023

Volunteer FAQ

1. What is Mosaic Festival?

It is an award-winning festival that attracts 2,000 people every year and represents more that 30 local cultures. For more information please visit

2. Who is Mosaic America?

Mosaic America is a non-profit organization that cultivates connection among cultures through art. We work with San Jose State University to conduct cultural research. For more information please visit

3. How do I get in touch with Mosaic America if I have questions?

4. What are the Festival Dates and Time?

September 30, 2023 & October 1, 2023, 3:00pm-9:00pm (both days)

4. What is the address of the Venue (Mexican Heritage Plaza)

1700 Alum Rock, San Jose, CA 95116

6. Who do I contact when I get there?

When you signed up for Sign Up Genius, in the description section is the name of the person you are to contact:

  • Mel: (408)499-8040
  • Lou Jimenez: (971)280-7332
  • Caroline Ammon Yıldız: (812)447-2915
  • Alexandra Garcia: (408)375-4766
  • Glady Lee: (408)888-6466
  • Divya Mehta: (408)508-8323
  • Priya Das: (408)836-1951

(When in doubt please call Melinda Chacon or Lou Jimenez)

7. How do I know what position I’ve been assigned?

You can find your assigned role in the description section of Sign Up Genius

8. What is the festivals highest priority/where we need help the most?

Check-in Assistants, Stage Assistants, and Documentation

9. How do I find a map of the venue/know where everything is?

Map is found at the entrance, in the Program Bi-fold, and online (

10. Where do I find the program schedule?

Please refer to the Program Bi-fold, every area/zone (i.e pavilion, plaza stage, healing garden etc.), and online (

11. Where are the bathrooms?

Bathrooms are located on the first floor near the classrooms and theater lobby.

12. Where do I send artists to check in?

Performing artists will be let through the gate and signaled to the adequate space (i.e. Theater lobby or greenroom).

13. Where do I find a First Aid Kit?

You will find a First Aid Kit in the Mosaic America Information Booth

14. Where is lost and found located?

Any lost items should be brought to the Mosaic Information Booth.

15. Who do I call incase of an emergency?

Call Top three individuals FIRST, and if no answer, call the others. 

  • *Primary Contact* MHP Event Captin: (669)234-9911
  • Caroline Ammon Yıldız: (812)447-2915
  • Priya Das: (408)836-1951
  • Mel: (408)499-8040
  • Lou Jimenez: (971)280-7332
  • Alexandra Garcia: (408)375-4766
  • Glady Lee: (408)888-6466