Mosaic Festival - Sept 30 and Oct 1, 2023


Blue Drip Co.

Blue Drip Co.

We are a small black owned home aroma company with a goal to be so much more. Providing a variety of services to give back and become a consistent contributor to the community. All of our products are nontoxic and our flower reed diffusers are a beautiful alternative to standard diffusers. | @bluedripco


Buggsy Malone Art & Apparel

Local to San Jose, Buggsy Malone provides products that reflect his values of sharing community and culture through love and respect. His family’s heritage is a beautiful melody primarily made up of the Northern Philippines and Central Mexico (Michoacan). Buggsy’s photography and designs showcase a Mexican and Filipino vibe through symbolism and wording. | @buggsy_malone_13


Clau Creations

Clau Creations was started as a way to heal with nature, physically and spiritually. Stop by for fresh sea moss gel, sea moss soaps, crystals, smudges, crochet, handcrafts..


CultureArts is a family-owned business whose goal is to promote our fascinating and growing Mexican Culture. They pride themselves on their huge selection of Alebrijes, Barro Negro & Totomostle Jewelry. An Alebrije is a mythical creature which guides those in the afterlife in their journey through the other world. They all possess unique magical powers and are very powerful no matter their size. They are forged inside of people’s dreams and are also known as guardians of the spirits in the afterlife. | @Culturarts_gallery

Blue Drip Co.

Farima Berenji

Farima Dance will be selling dance costumes to support her dance collective.

Blue Drip Co.

Fonzie’s Artisanal Goods

Founder Alfonso Gonzalez created Fonzie’s Artisanal Goods to express his creative passion and provide amazing experiences through his high quality products and increase representation of his culture.

He focuses on high quality ingredients and sustainability. Such as, his Mexican Jarritos candles that are meant to be repurposed in your home. He only uses soy wax to ensure the cleanest and longest burn. All his fragrances are phtalate and paraben free to ensure everyone is safe and everyone can enjoy them including people with allergies and sensitive pets.


Hand in Henna

Henna asks us to be still, breathe and surrender to a moment’s gust of inspiration. It lets us come back to our bodies to take it all in. As the Artist facilitating this process Evelyn holds her work very near and looks forward to sharing it with anyone willing to slow down and extend a hand.




We offer cold pressed juices made from vegetable and fruits no added water or sugar

Blue Drip Co.

La Paloma Imports

La Paloma Imports is ran by 2 sisters who share the same love and appreciation for Artesanias Mexicanas. Our focus is to showcase our traditions and culture through our handcrafted products. Each of our products are accompanied by the story of their maker whom we work directly with. Sustainability is one of our key factors, and it is present in one of our bestseller, our bags. They are handwoven made from recycled plastic. Our values is to help families back home live a better life by generating job opportunities for them. Lastly, when we think of Mexico we think of it’s colors, it’s tradition & its culture and hope to share a little piece with you all through our products at La Paloma Imports.

Blue Drip Co.

Living LoCarb

Living LoCarb is a woman and minority owned food startup, based in San Jose CA. We’re a mission-driven brand dedicated to crafting gluten and soy-free plant-based products without refined and processed carbohydrates. Our guiding principle is that food should be healing, healthy, and satisfying.

Living LoCarb’s flagship product is a plant-based Chia Seed Pudding that offer customers a perfect snack – creamy, packed with flavor, and high in omega 3s and fiber. These puddings come in two, internationally inspired flavors – Saffron Vanilla and Kheer Nirvana. | @livinglocarb

Migi Cera Co

MiGi Cera Candle Co.

The name “MiGi” (Mee-Jee) comes from a combination of the names of my beautiful daughters, Milah and Giannah and “Cera” is the Spanish word for “wax.” Our family name reflects the motivation and reason behind the business. My family is of Mexican descent, and, living in the excitingly diverse area of California known as the Bay Area, I decided to incorporate my heritage into my candles in the form of scents and their Spanish names. This resulted in a unique scent, candle, and aesthetic. It’s always my #1 priority to bring A++ quality products to my customers and I am always striving to improve. I want to share memories through smells and one day give you something that will trigger beautiful and fond memories of friends, family, and moments. Our coconut wax candles and all natural skin care are hand made with only top quality ingredients. Migi products are vegan, non toxic and eco friendly safe ingredients that I stand by and personally use. | @migi_cera_candles

Omni Wellness

Morris + Wade

Morris + Wade is a complete immersive and holistic body care experience. We provide a full range of luxury, body soaps, shampoos, herbal infused body moisturizers, and other natural products for anyone that is looking to enhance their body care routine. All of our formulations aid in moisturizing and soothing dry, aged, or inflamed skin with ingredients that are straight from the earth. Our mission is to revitalize the connection between nature and the health of our bodies by designing products, curating experiences, and building infrastructure that bridges culture into whats naturally us.

Omni Wellness

Omni Wellness

5-Sense Healing through the Vedic Healing Arts.
Omni Wellness is an online well-being platform that helps you enhance energy, reduce stress, and discover peace through the Vedic healing arts.


Omni Wellness


We offer indoor plant, planters, and repotting services.

Sacred Source

Sacred Source

Handmade jewelry, crystals, hemp, clothing


The Jupiter Scents

With a deep love for our culture and heritage, we aim to share a piece of our home with everyone through our soy wax candles. By infusing each candle with the essence of our origins, we offer our customers an opportunity to experience the captivating aromas that evoke a sense of warmth, nostalgia, and a connection to our roots. Our mission is to provide you with an enchanting olfactory experience while promoting sustainability and preserving the rich traditions that inspire us.

The JupiterScents
Rock Shop

The Rock Shop

Central Coast Rock Shop is located in a unique location. We offer an amazing inventory of crystals and rocks for everyone’s budget.


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Vibe Right with Lola

We sell spiritual bundles (incense), crystals, and jewelry.

We at VibeRightwithLola like to help those who need balance and peace in their life by selling crystals and precious stones, incense, spiritual bundles, tapestries, and lots of crystal jewelry. We make it easy for newcomers who are curious of the benefits of crystals and their power/high vibrations, we teach how to use them and how to make sure you get all the benefits from surrounding yourself with the positive energy these powerful stones give off. Here at VibeRIghtwithLola, we are all about spreading the positive vibes and love and helping others be the best version of themselves they possibly can.


Asian Americans for Community Involvement

Community Resources such as housing assistance, food assistance, dental, medical, behavioral health. Other free programs and activities for youth and senior.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County – Refugee Foster Care Program

We are seeking resource families (foster families) for Unaccompanied Refugee minors from all over the world who have fled war, violence, and persecution. We are a California Foster Care Agency and a Refugee Resettlement Program.


CreaTV provides the training, tools, and platforms that allow diverse and often underrepresented communities to tell their stories and express their views through digital media.

The Downtown Youth Wellness Center

The Downtown Youth Wellness Center is a drop-in center for all young people ages 12 to 25. We accept walk-ins, services are free, and there is no insurance or other eligibility requirements. The DYWC offers peer support, mentoring, group activities, education and employment support, linkage to resources, and same-day behavioral health access. The DYWC offers a space to relax, study, read, play games, do laundry, have a hot meal, and more. We are located in downtown San Jose at 725 E Santa Clara Street, and open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

India Currents

India Currents is an award-winning, nonprofit, nonpartisan, ethnic media organization focused on the Indian American community. Our mission is to tell critical, relevant, and investigative stories for and about the diaspora in the San Francisco Bay Area and serve as an incubator for a new generation of storytellers. As conveners of the community, we play a distinctive role in connecting Indian Americans to each other, transcending cultural silos, and promoting civic engagement to support broader social justice issues. | @india.currents

Kooltura Marketing – Eastside Magazine

Protect Juristac, Sacred Grounds of Amah Mutsun Tribal Band

Volunteers from South Bay Indigenous Solidarity share information, updates and collect signatures to deny the mining permit proposed for Juristac.

San Jose Strong

We’re a volunteer-ran org that connects residents to resources in South Bay & creates in-house initiatives that build community🌻

Sacred Heart Community Service

A nonprofit providing vital housing, food, clothing, and financial assistance to those in need.

As part of the Chinese immigrant community, we are excited about the chance to introduce you to our rich Chinese tea culture! We’ll be offering a diverse selection of Chinese teas and snacks for you to sample, and we’ll even provide instructions on how to play mahjong 🀄️! Be sure to visit our booth and join in the fun. Time: Sunday, October 1st, 3pm-9pm.

SCC Social Services Agency

The DFCS will be educating community members on hw to become foster parents and recruiting potential families.

Society of Heart’s Delight


We will distribute flyers and stickers to promote our upcoming production. There will also be an interactive component where we solicit written responses from attendees.  | @teatro_vision

The Kelsey

The Kelsey Ayer Station is a new affordable, accessible, and inclusive housing development opening in downtown San Jose in May 2024. The building will foster an inclusive community, no matter what background you have – all are welcome. the building fosters accessibility as a key tenet to its design and function where inclusion is at the very heart of the mission. | @thekelseymore

The Q Corner

Santa Clara County Behavioral Health ServicesWe will table at the Mosaic Festival to educate the community about what we do and our community programs that empower youth and adults to learn media making skills and explore careers in media. | @TheQCorner