Sound Journey with IAMUniverSoul

Workshop Description: During this in-person Sound Journey, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the melodies and tones of world instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, flutes, rattles and drums. The consistent vibration of sound healing instruments tune into the nervous system and bring the brainwaves (and heart) to a more coherent state, creating a deeply meditative experience. Let the soothing sounds guide you on a transformative journey, allowing you to release stress, find inner peace, and connect with your true self.

Paulyn Cayapan Nguyen is a facilitator of healing and founder of IAMUniverSoul. Her work consists of using energy healing, meditation, kambo, sound medicine, yoga, energetic blueprint readings and divination tools to assist others in their healing process. She’s based in the South Bay where she holds in-person and virtual sessions, and hopes that through each session we may raise the frequency of the world we live in. She currently holds Sound Journeys at Atmos SJ.