Nuance: Exploring Conflict Resolution Within

Workshop Description:In relationships, conflict is inevitable. This includes feeling conflicting emotions in our relationship to ourselves. Sometimes this results in binary thinking, and it can be hard to find the nuance or “gray” in a situation.

In this workshop, we will explore the nuances of conflict and through emotional regulation practices to resolve conflict within ourselves. Then, we will use somatic (mind-body), communication and internal-family systems techniques to reimagine the conflicts that we are currently facing. As we cultivate deep kindness for ourselves, we will face interpersonal conflicts, exploring the ‘gray’ in the situations together.

Rashmi Guttal is a Mediator, Conflict Coach, and Yoga and Somatic guide. She is deeply interested in how to transform communities personally and systemically, specifically with restorative and transformative justice practices. Rashmi enjoys exploring her South Asian and indigenous somatic practices to deepen her mind-body awareness and spending time in the ocean to reconnect with the Earth.


Rashmi Guttal